Share and join events in a click

Introducing Whenis Social Booking App

Whenis is a real-time, phone number based online billboard for hosts and guests to share, browse, sign up, and manage events. From formal appointment to casual meet-up, Whenis’ transparent billboard makes event signup faster and easier.
  • Join events in just one click;
  • Quota tag system on a first-come, first-serve basis;
  • Events and vacancies get updated and shown to group members instantly;
  • Hosts select group members from phonebook contacts with Whenis installed;
  • Particularly useful for people who repeatedly engage with a group of contacts (e.g., personal care professionals making appointment for clients, hobby groups organising regular events for group members, individual task force meeting from time to time in an organisation, or simply organizing lunch gatherings with your friends). Brings personal engagement in all walks of life.
  • Calendar to show tentative and confirmed events in colour tags, and sync with your iOS Calendar or Google Calendar app;
  • Push notifications and system messages to broadcast changes of event status.
  • Save money and time, easy to use, effective and versatile.

Managing Events in all walks of life

From Business to Casual

Whenis is to serve anyone who engages with a group of people from time to time, i.e., every one of us. By sharing event schedules with one another in all walks of life, we all get our own real-time What’s New in our pocket. 

Service Booking

Personal service providers like therapists, trainers, beauty professionals who manage bookings with clients: why spending thousands of dollars to commission proprietary apps, or cutting a portion of your income for using the services of middleman apps? Simply share all available time-slots on Whenis and let clients sign up.

Clients can match available time slots with their own schedules, and place booking via Whenis. If the appointment of a certain day becomes tight, clients will tell from the billboard and place booking while vacancy is still available.

For one-to-one, or group coaching classes (e.g., music instrument lessons, drawing classes, etc.), share the class schedule to students for signing up. This is extremely useful for managing classes that take place in a different time and venue every week.

Society Events

Sports activity organisers (especially for games played on a court with player limitations) can now broadcast events to members who can join whenever there are still vacancies.  

Members can have all the event details and enrolment status at a glance. When vacancies are very tight, the first-come first-serve quota tag system saves a lot of communication time in assigning members to games.

The event billboard is very useful to all hobby clubs or associations with regular event updates. You can be assured that the more frequent the event schedule is updated, the more engagement you would get.

Casual Meetup

Organising casual meetup can be a tiresome routine. Just share your lunch schedules via Whenis to your friends and let them join instantly! Who’s going and who isn’t would be updated at a glance.

Team Meeting

Share only your available time slots in a specific task force or team, so everyone in the group would be able to check your availability in real time.

When any of your time-slots is booked, the event would be marked as confirmed in the Whenis calendar and your iOS Calendar app.

engage in a few clicks

Be a Whenis Host and Guest


Register and login just like Whatsapp: your unique phone number is used for authentication. No account name or password is needed.


Create Groups

Create groups like what you do in Whatsapp: write a group title, add an avatar image, and select the phonebook contacts who have also downloaded Whenis.

Share Events

Share events as you do when adding an event in your iOS calendar. Just select which group to share, and the maximum number of guests to join.

Receive Booking

Browse the engagement of your events in real-time. When the event starts, use the guest list to check for the attendance.


Contact Hosts

Check if you have been added to any of the groups. If not, ask an inviter to add you to the group. Once added, you will get access to the schedule of group's future group events.

Shop Around

Browse the event list shared by the group that you have joined and check for the availability. Press INFO button for more details.

Join or Quit

Sign up events by sliding the event row and pressing Join In. If you change your mind, withdraw by pressing Quit before event closing.

Receive Notifications

Be notified by push notifications and messages for sign-ups, quits or event updates.

Manage Schedules

Manage your schedule in Whenis calendar tab, or your iOS Calendar. 

useful features

Seamless & Practical


Live-view of Event Guest List

Real time broadcast of the guest list to the group members. Guest list can be hidden at the choice of host in group setting.


Timetable and Vacancy all at a Glance

The participation rate of the future events in the next 14-21 days are shown in a panel view. Group members knows better than others to decide when to book or signup.


Share Whenis at a Click

Slide the events and use SHARE to broadcast an event in your social network. The share function works with any other apps in your iPhone.


Familiar Setup

Share new events just like what you do in the iOS calendar app. Create group as if you create one in other social network platforms. 


Smart Calendar

All Whenis events, confirmed or tentative, are shown under calendar days with colour indications. Event statuses are updated instantly in the Calendar. 


Sync with iOS Calendar or Google Calendar App

Whenis events synchronize instantly with your smartphone calendar app, and get updated for further changes. Combining with other calendars, events created in Whenis can match perfectly with your schedules.


Instant Notifications and Messages

Hosts and enrolled guests will be notified by instant push notifications of any changes in events. Besides, the Whenis message tab will show the last 50 system messages. Event updates will never be missed.


No Username or Password Needed

Your mobile phone number is  your ID. In turn, your friends in your phonebook are your contacts. Create a group and add them as group members, or follow them and join as a guest.


Endless reasons

Why Whenis?

Save Money

Download it free-of-charge, the Whenis app allows each host user to share 5 future events. Upgrade to PRO account at just $4.99 per year to share unlimited events.  

Easy to Use

No learning curve. Follow the common practices of social platforms to create groups and present recent listing.  User interface is simple, intuitive and familiar.


Transparency increases engagement. The easier your guests can check the availability of an event and book it, the more chance you will get them on board.  


Works in any form of event booking. From formal appointment, service booking to casual gathering, Whenis gets people together. The possibilities are endless.


Price List


Perfect for all Event Participants and Occasional Hosts
$ 0 Per Year
  • Receive unlimited group event listings
  • Share 3 events concurrently
  • Retrieve the latest 50 event messages


Must-have for Regular Event Organizers
$ 4
Per Year
  • Receive unlimited group event listings
  • Share unlimited events concurrently
  • Retrieve the latest 200 event messages
  • Option to remove advertising banners

Hello World


Whenis iOS Beta Test

Our journey started here! Beta testers invited. Join us and experience Whenis via Testflight.

December 2020

Whenis Android Beta Test

Beta testers invited. Leave your email contact below and we will get you and the Android version beta is available.

October 2021

Release in Apple App Store & Google Play

Both iOS and Android versions will be released at the same time. Leave us your email below, and we will write you the exact release date when it is confirmed!

December 2021

Beta Testers Wanted!

Our beta IOS version is available for testing in TestFlight now. The Android version will be ready in February 2020.

Want to join us and test the beta version of Whenis?

Download TestFlight or Google Play Console, fill in your email to our beta-tester list. 

We are going to catch you!


Download Whenis

Interested to get Whenis as soon as it is available in the iOS AppStore or Google Play?

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